Hertfordshire Philharmonia Newsletter, August 2005

The 2005-6 season

A big Thank You to all members for their hard work and excellent playing last season. We earned some excellent reviews. Here’s hoping for even better in 2005-6!

Rehearsal venue

Rehearsals will continue to be in Applecroft School, Welwyn Garden City until further notice. As the school gate is supposed to be locked by 10.30pm, it means our rehearsals now have to stop around 10.20pm, and it wastes our limited rehearsal time if we cannot start punctually at 7.30pm. Of course for many members it is a rush to reach Applecroft, but, for those who can, please be there and ready for a 7.30pm downbeat.

15 October 2005 concert will be at:

St Paul's Church, St Albans (corner of Hatfield Road and Blandford Road) and not at St Saviours as previously advised. But we are playing at St Saviours on three other occasions this season (10 Dec, 1 Ap, 8 July).

Autumn Rotary-clubs Concert…

There isn’t one this year, as a major sponsor has pulled out. We very much depended on the fee we earned for playing at this concert, but we have been lucky enough to land two other playing contracts this season. Problem is, they are just three weeks apart!! (See next)

Our new playing contracts:

Concert tickets – New Rates

£12 adult, £3 child. (Being considered: £x OAP)

Subscriptions – New Rates

Our main income is from ticket sales, which is why it is important to sell as many tickets as possible for our concerts. We have some

other income too (fees for playing at other people's functions, donations, the 100 Club, assistance from our Friends etc). But even all these do not cover our running costs. The difference has to be met by your subscription, which this year (Aug '05 to July '06) will be £85. If you pay by Standing Orderr, (account details on request from the treasurer) or if you pay before the first concert (15 Oct), your sub is only £75. Cheques to Andy Simpson (viola) please, payable to "Hertfordshire Philharmonia Orchestra". Existing Standing Order payers, please change your payment to £6.25 per month to take effect 1 September.

Annual General Meeting

This is your notification that the Herts Phil's AGM, to look at last season's results and to elect this season's committee, will be on the earliest practicable date in the season, namely Thurs 29 September 2005, at 9pm at Applecroft School, WGC (with modest nibbles). More details overleaf.

Admin Committee Meetings are open to any member of the orchestra. They usually happen on the Thursday following each concert. Please ask anybody listed below, for details of when and where.

You will be very welcome if you want to take an active role, perhaps by attending Admin Committee meetings or by putting yourself forward for election at the AGM (above).

Who does what

Elected officers (until the AGM):

Chairman: Stuart Walker (violin)

Treasurer: Jeremy Goggins (bassoon)

Orchestra Manager: Stef Fano (violin)

Publicity: nobody! We desperately need you!

Librarian: Stephen Latham (cello)

Secretary: Peter Neville (bass)

But you don’t have to be ‘elected’ to help! The following are some of our volunteers, and we welcome all help:

Rehearsal schedules/programmes: Ian Brown (violin)

Website: David Agnew (violin)

Fixers: (see current rehearsal schedule)

Front Of House: John and Sheila Cox

HP Newsletter, August 2005, page 2

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Hertfordshire Philharmonia orchestra will take place after the coffee break on 29 September 2005 (thus about 9pm), at Applecroft School, Applecroft Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 6JZ. All players and Friends are welcome to attend, but, under our constitution [available on our website www.hertsphil.org.uk], only those who paid a subscription for the year 2004-5 may vote.

The business to be covered will include:

1 Chairman's welcome and report for the 2004-5 season

2 Treasurer's report for the 2004-5 season, and approval of accounts

3 Election of independent person to examine the next accounts [2005-6 season]

4 Election of Chairman, Treasurer, Orchestra Manager, Publicity Officer, Librarian and Secretary

5 Any resolutions that have been proposed, anything else members wish to raise, and general discussion.

Hertfordshire Philharmonia Orchestra Schedule for Season 2005-2006 (position as at 19 August 2005)

All concerts start at 7.30pm and are preceded by a final rehearsal at the venue at 2.30pm.

Concert: 15 October 2005 at St Paul's Church, St Albans AL1 4JP (corner of Hatfield Road and Blandford Road)

Latham – San Diego (2+1 2 2+1 2+1; 4 3(1xEb, 2xBb) 3 1; 2p t str)

Copland – Clarinet Concerto ( hp piano str ) Soloist: our very own Angela Crispe

Vaughan Williams – London Symphony ( 3/1 2+1 2+1 2+1; 4 4 (2+2) 3 1; t 4p; 2 optional hps; str )

Conductor: Jacques Cohen

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays 15 Sep, 22 Sep(sectionals), 29 Sep, 6 Oct, 13 Oct, all at Applecroft, WGC.

The 29 Sep rehearsal will be shorter and followed by the AGM.

Concert: 10th December 2005 at St Saviour's Church, St Albans AL1 4DF (Sandpit Lane near Walton Street).

Programme still to be decided (seasonal, possibly only a small chamber-sized orchestra).

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays 1 Dec and 8 Dec, probably at Applecroft, WGC.

Concert: 11 February 2006 at Harpenden Methodist Church AL5 2RU (east side of High Street, Harpenden)

Rossini - Barber of Seville Overture (1+1 2 2 2; 2 2 3 0; t 1-2p str)

Mozart - Wind Sinfonia Concertante (0 2 0 0; 2 0 0 0; str ; solo oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn)

Beethoven - Symphony No 5 (2+1 2 2 2+1; 2 2 3 0; t str)

Conductor: Anthony Weeden

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays 12 Jan, 19 Jan(sectionals), 26 Jan, 2 Feb, 9 Feb, probably at Applecroft, WGC.

Concert: 11 March 2006 at St George's Church, Stevenage SG1 1XX (corner of St Georges Way / Cuttys Lane)

Holst - Perfect Fool (2+1 2+1 2+1 2+1; 4 4 3 1; t 3p hp cel str)

Vaughan Williams - Tuba Concerto (2/1 1 2 1; 2 2 2 0; t 2p str) Soloist: our good friend Mark McKrell

Walton - Film Music from Henry V Suite (2/2 2/1 2 2; 4 2 2 1; t 3p hp str)

Walton - Symphony No 1 (2/1 2 2 2; 4 3 3 1; 2t 2p str)

Conductor: Mark Forkgen

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Tue 21 Feb, Thur 23 Feb(sectionals), Thur 2 March, Tue 7 March, Thur 9 March, venues tba

Concert: 1 April 2006 at St Saviour's Church, St Albans AL1 4DF (Sandpit Lane near Walton Street).

(maybe a short introductory work, tbc), then:

Mozart - Wind Sinfonia Concertante (yes again) (0 2 0 0; 2 0 0 0; str ; solo oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn)

Bruckner - Third Mass (2 2 2 2; 2 2 3 0; timp str)

Conductor: Stephen E Jones of the Aeolian Singers choir (30 March and 1 April)

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays 23 March (conductor tba) and 30 March, probably at Applecroft, WGC.

N.B. There might be an additional rehearsal on 16 March. The 30 March rehearsal is expected to be with the choir.

Concert: 20 May 2006 at St Mary's Church, Potters Bar EN6 1QQ (near eastern end of The Walk)

Wagner - Liebestod from Tristan & Isolde (3/1 2+1 2+1 3; 4 3 3 1; t hp str)

Rachmaninov - Second Piano Concerto (2 2 2 2; 4 2 3 1; t 2p str) Soloist: our good friend Anna LeHair

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No 4 (2+1 2 2 2; 4 2 3 1; t 3p str)

Conductor: Patrick Bailey

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays 20 Apr, 27 Apr(sectionals), 4 May, 11 May, 18 May, probably at Applecroft, WGC.

Concert: 8 July 2006 at St Saviour's Church, St Albans AL1 4DF (Sandpit Lane near Walton Street).

Grieg- Norwegian Dances (2+1 2 2 2; 4 2 3 1; t 2p hp str)

Sibelius - En Saga (2/1 2 2 2; 4 3 3 1; 2p str)

Elgar - Symphony No 2 (3/1 2+1 2+1+Eb 3; 4 3 3 1; t 4p 2hp str)

Conductor: Adrian Brown

Rehearsals: 7.30pm Thursdays: 25 May; 8 June strings only; 15 June wind only; 22 June, 29 June, 6 July.

Peter Neville, Secretary, 01438-714394