updated to Sept 2008 

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Hertfordshire Philharmonia Newsletter, July 2008


            As in the 2006-7 season, this season we shall have played six concerts under five different conductors (our December concert had no conductor).

            It is part of the philosophy of this self-governing orchestra that this diversity of conductors enhances our musical development.

            We receive lots of “cold calls” from conductors who want to conduct us, but we would much prefer to engage them on the personal recommendation of members. Therefore, if you have played elsewhere under a conductor who impressed you, please let anyone on the Admin team know, so that he/she may be considered.

The 2008-9 season:

            Provisional details overleaf.

            For your diaries, our first meeting will be a "repertoire rehearsal" (an informal playthrough unrelated to any concert) on Thursday 18 September 2008. We hope to Franck's D minor  Symphony, under a new conductor. We will play through, regardless of missing instruments.

            If you would like to invite a fellow player to try the Herts Phil, this is a good opportunity, as it leads to no commitment on either side. More Grade 8+ string players would be welcome; please invite any you know!

            As in recent seasons, we have avoided ambitious concertos with big-name players. Although top-line soloists do attract extra audience, the extra ticket income is swallowed up by the extra cost of the soloists. We therefore usually prefer to engage emerging soloists, who can be rewarding to play with, or home-grown excellence, such as our very own Angela Crispe on 16 May 2009.     

Choosing concert venues:

            The “centre of gravity” of our members and audiences is approximately St Albans, and three of our six concerts in 2008/9 will be there. One of these will be at Homewood Road Church, which favourably impressed us when we played there in May 2007.

            Our other 2008/9 concerts are at Potters Bar. The church (St Mary's) there is very welcoming and audiences are usually good, but it means a lot of work for our Potters Bar members

            Sadly, when we tried Hitchin (St Mary's Church) this March, a lovely historic building, it proved to be inconvenient for a large-scale concert, for reasons of access, inconvenient car parking and lack of facilities in the church itself.

Missing a concert?

            Looking at the calendar overleaf, if you know you will be unable to do a particular concert, please let your section fixer know; it helps them to plan ahead.

New rehearsal pattern:

            In 2008-9, our standard rehearsal pattern will be the SIX Thursday evenings before each concert (not five as previously). But don't be alarmed, you will still only come five times, because we are changing the way we organise Sectionals.

            The first rehearsal will be a read-through of the concert programme, as now.

            The second rehearsal will be for Strings only; winds will have an evening off.

            The third rehearsal will be for Wind only; strings will have an evening off.

            The remaining Thursday rehearsals will be for full orchestra, as now. And the afternoon-of-the-concert rehearsal will also continue unchanged.

            The advantage of this new pattern is that the same conductor takes all the rehearsals for a concert, and we don't have to appoint a second conductor for the "other" sectional. This second conductor had to do a lot of preparation and co-ordination with the main conductor, all for just one evening's rehearsal.

Admin Meetings are open to any member of the orchestra. They are usually on the Thursday following each concert. Please ask anybody listed below, for details of when and where.

You will be very welcome if you want to take an active role, perhaps by attending Admin meetings or putting yourself forward for election as a trustee at the AGM…  Just to reassure you if you do, the Herts Phil carries the usual public-liability and employer's liability insurances, to protect us all.

Who does what:

Trustees (until the AGM):

Chairman: Ian Brown (violin)

Treasurer: Jeremy Goggins (bassoon)

Orchestra Manager: Stef Fano (violin)

Publicity [and Front-of-House]: John Cox

Librarian: Stephen Latham (cello)

Secretary: Peter Neville (bass)

Seventh trustee: Stuart Walker (violin)

But you don’t have to be elected as a trustee to help! The following are some of our volunteers, and we welcome all help:

Rehearsal refreshments: June Martin (violin)

Fixers: (see current rehearsal schedule)

Advance Tickets: Penny Leach (viola)

Gift-Aid Convenor: Ken Melbourne (cello)

Annual General Meeting  25 Sep 2008

This is your notification that the Herts Phil's AGM, to review this season's results and to elect next season's trustees, will be at Applecroft School, WGC, at about 9pm on Thursday 25 September 2008.


HP Newsletter, July 2008, page 2 [updated to Sept 2008]


Hertfordshire Philharmonia 2008/09 Season Programme

Latest position is as shown, but all details are still subject to change

All rehearsals (unless otherwise announced) are at Applecroft School, Applecroft Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 6JZ., from 7.30pm to 10.15pm. All on Thursdays, plus 13 January and 3 March

All concerts start at 7.30pm and are preceded by a final rehearsal, at the concert venue, 2.30pm-5.30pm.


18 September 2008: Playthrough evening

New conductor: Ben Palmer. 

Applecroft School, 7.30pm "Repertoire rehearsal" playthrough


Symphony in D minor

2 2+1 2+1 2; 4 4 (2+2) 3 1; (t hp) str


1 November 2008 at Homewood Rd Church, Homewood Rd, St Albans [at corner with Sandpit Lane] AL1 4BH

Conductor: Jacques Cohen.   Soloist: Fenella Humphreys

First rehearsal 25 Sep, followed at about 9pm by Annual General Meeting

Subsequent rehearsals: 2 Oct (string sectional), 9 Oct (wind sectional), 16 Oct, 23 Oct, then (please note) at Homewood Road Church on 30 Oct


Serenade for Wind in Eb  op 7

2 2 2 2+1; 4 0 0 0


Violin concerto in Emin op 64

 2 2 2 2; 2 2 0 0; t str


Symphony number 5 in D

2/1 1+1 2 2; 2 2 3 0; t str


6th December 2008 at St Mary’s Church, The Walk, Potters Bar EN6 1QQ (east end of The Walk, south side) Probably Chamber-sized orchestra only.

Rehearsals: tbc. Possibly 20 Nov, and probably 27 Nov and 4 Dec, all at Applecroft

Concert with local choir

seasonal selection


7th February 2009 at St Saviours Church, Sandpit Lane, St Albans AL1 4DF (near Walton Street)

Conductor:  Patrick Bailey.  Soloist:  Erica Eloff

Rehearsals: 8 Jan, 13 Jan (string sectional), 15 Jan (wind sectional), 22 Jan, 29 Jan, 5 Feb


Tannhäuser – Introduction to Act 3

2+1 2 2 2; 4 3 3 1; t str


4 Last Songs op 64

4 3 3 2; 4 3 3 1; t hp str


Symphony number 6 in B min op 74 (Pathetique)

3/1 2 2(+1) 2; 4 2 3 1; t 1p str


28th  March 2009  at St Mary’s Church, The Walk, Potters Bar EN6 1QQ (east end of The Walk, south side)

Conductor: Adrian Brown.   Soloist to be confirmed

Rehearsals: 26 Feb, (possible additional Tuesday rehearsal 3 March), 5 Mar, 12 Mar, 19 Mar, 26 Mar



Introduction and Allegro for Strings op 47

Str + str quartet


St Anthony Variations op 56(a)

2+1 2 2 2+1; 4 2 0 0 ; t p str


Symphony no 4 in A minor op 63

2 2 2 2; 4 2 3 0; t p str

16 May 2009  at St Saviours Church, Sandpit Lane, St Albans AL1 4DF (near Walton Street)

Conductor: Rufus Frowde    Soloist: Angela Crispe

Rehearsals: 23 Apr, 30 Apr, 7 May, 14 May (4 rehearsals only, with no sectionals)

Arvo Pärt

Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten

str 1p (bell)


Clarinet Concerto in A min K622

2 0 0 2; 2 0 0 0; str


Symphony no 1 in C op 21

2 2 2 2; 2 2 0 0: t str


11th July 2009: at St Mary’s Church, The Walk, Potters Bar (east end of The Walk, south side).

Conductor: Bjorn Bantock.   Soloist Jacob Kullberg (chosen by the Conductor and playing at no cost to the orchestra)

Rehearsals: 4 Jun, 11 Jun, 18 Jun, 25 Jun, 2 July, 9 July  (6 rehearsals; detailed evening-by-evening schedule to follow later)


Coriolan op 62

2 2 2 2; 2 2 0 0; t str


Cello concerto op 129

2 2 2 2; 2 2 0 0; t str


Symphony no 3 in F op 90

2 2 2 2+1; 4 2 3 0; t str


Peter Neville, Secretary, 01438-714394