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To buy a ticket for one of our concerts, please click for ticket information.

However, no symphony orchestra can survive solely on the income it receives from ticket sales.

In addition to our own concert season, we are therefore available for hire to other organisations such as choral societies, events organisers and others who may wish the services of a fine large orchestra. We look forward to your enquiries to The Secretary .

We also rely on the generous support of donations from Friends of the Orchestra. Contributions can range from £25 to help print tickets to £1500 to sponsor a soloist. Friends of the Orchestra have the privilege of being able to ask for front-row seats when pre-booking their tickets (seats otherwise being unreserved at our concerts). If you would like to become a Friend of the Orchestra or be involved with us in any other way, please contact John Cox 01727-857827.

We also have a 100 Club, which is a "prize draw" club in aid of the orchestra. Membership will cost you £5 per month (you can take out multiple memberships!), and there are three prize draws annually, distributing 50% of the income (the other 50% going to support the orchestra). Top prize is currently £65 (but with more members this would be higher), and there are several consolation prizes in each draw, enough to make sure that 50% is returned to members. A list of winners is displayed at rehearsals. Please ask Jeremy Goggins (bassoon) for more details.

The winners for April 2016 were:

  • 1st - J & S Cox
  • 2nd - G Pinder
  • 3rd equal - J & S Walker and A & H Latham

The 100 Club is licensed and regulated by St Albans District Council, number LN/200700326. Restricted to adults resident in the UK.

If you would like to receive advance details of our concerts, please send your details to John Cox 01727-857827.

If you are an experienced orchestral player and are interested in playing with us or, if you would like more information about the Hertfordshire Philharmonia, please contact The Secretary or Sheila Cox 01727- 857827

Hertfordshire Philharmonia is a charity registered in England, no.1116085