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Hertfordshire Philharmonia was formed in 1994 by a group of amateur musicians who wished to make music of the highest standard together. The Hertfordshire Philharmonia is proud to be a self-governing, independent orchestra whose concert programme and choice of conductor are debated and decided by its members.

The orchestra has no musical director. Instead, it hires its conductors for only concert at a time, never the same conductor twice in the same season. (We have made an exception this year.)

More than that, in many sections there are no permanent principals, so anyone of the requisite standard can volunteer, or may be invited to lead their section for one or more concerts in a season. The order of seating in these sections can also vary from concert to concert, by agreement within the section.

Likewise, subject to vacancies for that instrument, any player may join whose section colleagues (after hearing him/her) consider him/her to be of a suitable standard. If you are an experienced orchestral player and are interested in playing with us, or if you would like more information about the Hertfordshire Philharmonia, please contact The Secretary  or Sheila Cox 01727-857827.

Normally the orchestra rehearses on the five or six Thursday evenings (7.30 - 10.15pm) before each concert. Until this year, wind players would have one of these Thursdays off as the strings alone are put through their paces, then vice versa the next Thursday, but this year we are trying different formats, whereby winds/strings will respectively have (at most) half an evening on their own.
      In common with most orchestras, there is a compulsory rehearsal on the afternoon of the concert, at the concert venue. For details of exactly when and where we rehearse, see our Rehearsal Schedule.

In addition to our advertised concert programme, we are hired by other organisations (such as choirs) for their own concerts.

Visit our conductors page to find out more about some of the conductors whom we have asked back.

Hertfordshire Philharmonia is a charity registered in England, no.1116085